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About me

  • First name: SULTANA
  • Last name: RAZIA
  • Town: London
  • Country: United Kingdom

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Sultana's UEL Proffessional Developement Award

Sultana's UEL Proffessional Developement Award

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This is a PDA award to develop and improve my employability skills.


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Myself on East End Life Newspapaer Artical


The UEL PDA Award 2016


Video Introduction

Reflection for Change

This book HIGH PRICE is a very powerful book written by Dr Carl Hart. It is based on his own experience and how he discovers the psychological effect of addiction and drugs. He explains with evidence that drug is not the cause of addiction.  Reading this book enabled me to change my perception on how I used to feel about people who take drugs.I have learnt that drug is not the problem it is the society. This book has inspired me in reading other books and articles related to drugs, stigma, institutional racism and many more.

The book that changed my perception about drugs and drug users.



My Qualifications

Currently studying BSC Health Services Management at University of East London 2015 - 2018.

Pearson BTEC Level 5 HND Diploma in Health And Social Care in 2015.

CACHE Level 3 NVQ in Children's Care, Learning and Development in 2008.

CACHE Level 2 NVQ in Early Years Care and Education in 2006.

NCFE Level 1 Award in Effective Parenting and Effective Learning in 2004.



Currently a Student ambassador at University of East London.Started off by volunteering on open days and offer holding days. Worked  with core module leaders to build good relationship and friendly environment

Currently undertaken Personal Professional Development Award (PDA) which enabled me to build confidence, developed new skills attending the UEL Skills Academy. I was engaged in civic engagement where I have had the opportunity to network with professionals and met Dr Carl Hart.    

Had  my own business Mariam Fabrics in 2013. I run the business  for 3 years where I was the manager recruiting staffs, dealing with financial issues and ensuring that my customers are satisfied with the service I provided. 

Career Goal

My current career goal is to complete my current degree program with a first class result. I have set my self targets, aims and objectives in-order to achieve my goals. I will grab every opportunity available to develop new skills and improve exiting skills. After completing my degree I would like to work in NHS as a manager.

Hobbies and Interest

I have a great interest in sports such as aerobics, swimming and badminton. keeping fit plays a vital role in my life. Exercise stimulates my brain and keeps me fit and healthy.

I am also interested in health promotion, educating people and the local community the importance of keeping healthy and fit.  I like using social media to stay up to date on health and well-being as I have great interest in Health Care.

I am active on LinkedIn so that I can be connected with professionals in the same field. I like cooking Indian food as this is our traditional food, I learnt it from my mum. I enjoy having family time therefore I plan to spend couple of hours in the evening engaging with my husband and children.