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She suddenly feels his hands grasp her head, stroking her face and guiding her to move with his swaying hips. She follows and feels a finger caress her lips. She sucks in the finger, curls her tongue around his knuckles. His salty, stinging, taste sends her pussy juices streaking down her ass, soaking into her skirt.

He moves the finger around her mouth, the tightness of her lips creating a suction that makes him moan. He watches her hand work its way to the base of his shaft, cup his balls through his jeans and then begin to fumble with his zipper. He knows she will never work the zipper free, so in a spasm of lustful abandon, he undoes his belt and whips his pants and boxers to the floor, freeing his cock to spring out and bounce against her cheek. For a second, he stares at it in amazement. He has never seen it like this, so hard and throbbing - . It twitches against her ear, each ridge and vein swollen past anything he can remember, the shaft even thickening past the width of its purple head. Both of her hands come up to grab for it, more pawing than stroking and he realizes how much of this is new to her.
05 January 2020, 3:27 PM
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